Silver blanks?

There are currently lots of conversations about how building genuine “empathy” with consumers is likely to be a critical ingredient in the future success of many companies. I could not agree more. We have a lot of evidence to highlight the benefits companies achieve by finding rich seams of empathy in an authentic way. What I would observe is that […]

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The100: “Insane and out of touch”

Make yourself a cup of tea, and whilst sipping your brew, have a read of how the word ‘tea’ spread around the world and then push on with the rest of this week’s The100. Don’t look for great ideas Look for a great problem. Even better: find a problem that no-one else realized existed. It’s a simple mantra (truth?) that […]

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It never ceases to amaze me that so many companies still wait until a new product or service is just about to be launched before asking “how can we now link this launch to a consumer trend or insight?” A couple of observations from some of the global post-launch reviews we are continually asked to do after sales have proven […]

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