The100: brand experience, unsung heroes and the 2nd Spring

Valuing mental availability Paul Feldwick’s article on how brand experience should not distract marketers from fundamental brand truths has been well shared this week, but it’s a must read. “the most important search engine is still the one in your head” I just adore the William Hesketh (uni)Lever example which shows that things haven’t really changed much since the 1890s. Feldwick also […]

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The100: Paradoxical ignorance, storytelling plots and Upernavik

The 7 basic plots I’ve read mixed feedback on this year’s Cannes Lions Festival. Some have been gushing, whilst others appear exasperated. My favourite pieces to come from the 5 days? Oh alright then… The Marketoonist’s depiction of events, Murray Cadler’s home truths, and Adweek’s breakdown of how Cannes winners used the 7 basic plots of storytelling. Purpose matters. Planning matters Rob Campbell (big […]

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The100: Empathy, the I’m-not-biased bias, and magic phrases

You can’t solve a problem that you don’t understand If it’s just going to be the one thing you watch this week, take 10 mins and make it Mark Ritson dissecting P&G’s Febreze marketing strategy. He absolutely nails it. Key takeaways: Diagnose first: understand the problem before constructing your strategy. The importance of using qual methods to understand that problem […]

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