Rebooting AI – postulates

“We are trapped by Turing’s definition of intelligence. In his famous formulation Turing confined intelligence as a solution to a verbal game played against humans. This in particular sets intelligence as a (1) solution to a game, and (2) puts human in the judgement position. This definition is extremely deceptive and has not served the field well. Dogs, monkeys, elephants […]

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How Lego uses storytelling for commercial benefit

In March 2018 we ran the Power of Storytelling event. It featured lots of brilliant speakers, and amongst them was Stuart Chapman from Lego. Stuart talked to us about how Lego uses storytelling to its commercial benefit. It was a superb, highly entertaining and engaging talk, featuring references to Tom Cruise films and 1980s children’s TV. Here’s an excerpt:     We’re […]

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Amazon Go

USA – February 2018 When Amazon Go launched in Seattle we thought it would be interesting to see what the experience was like (we couldn’t afford the flights to go ourselves) so we sent some of our thinkers to show us and made this short video showcasing what they saw.   If you want to see the consumer videos and […]

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