The100: Paradoxical ignorance, storytelling plots and Upernavik

The 7 basic plots I’ve read mixed feedback on this year’s Cannes Lions Festival. Some have been gushing, whilst others appear exasperated. My favourite pieces to come from the 5 days? Oh alright then… The Marketoonist’s depiction of events, Murray Cadler’s home truths, and Adweek’s breakdown of how Cannes winners used the 7 basic plots of storytelling. Purpose matters. Planning matters Rob Campbell (big […]

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The100: Empathy, the I’m-not-biased bias, and magic phrases

You can’t solve a problem that you don’t understand If it’s just going to be the one thing you watch this week, take 10 mins and make it Mark Ritson dissecting P&G’s Febreze marketing strategy. He absolutely nails it. Key takeaways: Diagnose first: understand the problem before constructing your strategy. The importance of using qual methods to understand that problem […]

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The100: Dehumanisation, Einstein and Sushi

All of this …is 👌 Emmet O’Briain gives us a well-thought-out piece on the dehumanisation of research. It’s a must-read for anyone in research. Or in marketing. Or in a job, for that matter. My favourite quote came from Richard Huntington (of Saatchi and Saatchi stock): A lack of genuine connection with people’s lives. A research industry that doesn’t understand […]

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Consumer centricity: Why are we still getting it wrong?

It’s like trying to find hay in a haystack. To find a CEO or a Marketing Director enthusing about a consumer-centric strategy here, an empathy directive there, a desire to put the consumer at the heart of everything, everywhere. “A strategic priority for management is consumer-centric growth” Dirk Van de Put. CEO, Mondelez So common are these utterings, that you’d […]

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The100: Ogilvy, Empathy and Felony

Game, set, match At first, I thought it sounded ridiculous, but I’ve become more and more convinced after reading Farnam Street’s explanation on how avoiding stupidity provides more of an advantage than seeking brilliance. In professional tennis about 80% of the points are won. However, in amateur tennis, about 80% of the points are lost. Many of us will hate […]

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Seeking out consumer groans

(c) Giulio_Fornasar

Why seeking out your consumers’ groans rather than hiding from them, is a better recipe for success Almost 9 years ago Alistair Vince and I were sitting in a rather wonderful beer garden in a fine pub in Richmond overlooking the Thames, on one of those magnificent but slightly rare 🙂 sunny afternoons in London. We were pretty animated, and […]

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