Jobs, Vacancies, Openings

We’re bored of boring.

We dislike dull.

Especially when it comes to FMCG Market Research. But a good few other things besides…

And so it was that a young Watch Me Think came into being.

To dispel myths.

And to use “Ands” at the start of sentences 🙂

We’ve lost our milk-teeth and are learning to run.

As a full-service qualitative research agency we are constantly on the look-out for talented folks such as yourself who feel they can fit in with, amplify and add to a company that doesn’t do things by the book, just the comic.

These are the positions we’re pole-and-line fishing for right now:

  • Qualitative Researcher
    With a big noggin to hold all that grey (or gray) matter – part time

  • Thinker Manager
    A term we use to describe the person who looks after our most valuable asset: the folks who record videos for us. It’s a position that grows and morphs as you uncover your own talents. Talents that we then like to encourage you to build on  – and not necessarily as a Thinker Manager: we’re growing, so why can’t you 🙂 – full time