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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – How consumers are leading the way on waste

By Jenny Hearne | January 17, 2020

Whether you love Greta Thunberg or not, there is no denying that she is making people sit up and listen. And is empowering them to take action, no matter how small, to make a positive difference to the world. But she is not the only one. There are many others that are leading the way …

Best of The100: Strategy, storytelling and leftovers

By Alistair Vince | January 10, 2020

Back in the hot seat. And after a week of not eating leftover cheese and chocolate for breakfast, I’m feeling good. And lighter. For the first The100 of the year, I’ve herded the 10 most popular articles we featured during 2019. It seems readers of The100 are particularly interested in strategy, storytelling, effectiveness and why …

Pre and Post Launch Consumer Reviews

By Bo Beep | December 16, 2019

Qualitative pre and post launch consumer reviews deliver consumer-led innovation and sustainable commercial success with an ROI that large quantitative studies just can’t do.  If you keyword search worst product launches in any given year, you will find a plethora of highly entertaining examples of products from around the world that should never have seen …

The100:  Behavioural science, Haha, Aha & Cheetos

By Alistair Vince | December 13, 2019

Be a fool Justin Lines spoke recently about how comedians can help us reveal better insights. Because Haha is far closer to Aha than you think. Comedians have to warm up the audience. Not just with a warm-up act, but also with the crescendo of their set. Justin argues that we could do the same …

“Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws”

By Bo Beep | December 2, 2019

It’s been a fascinating few months watching the development of the White Claw phenomenon and its grip on the US. In case you hadn’t heard of it, here’s a quick summary of what you’ve missed: The Hard Seltzer brand, launched in 2016, has become such a cultural phenomenon that this summer has become known as …

These are the thoughts of WATCH ME THINK, a global consumer empathy agency. We help companies EMPATHISE with their customers; to Bring to Life; to Engage; to get Closer. To DISCOVER what does and doesn't work, through both Shopper & Consumer Lenses. And to DEVELOP and enhance products and services through Innovation & Renovation. Fancy a chat?

What consumers want

By Alistair Vince | December 9, 2010

The title of a piece by the team at Made by Many. So many think things to quote from this one. Firstly, ‘what I do know is that in agency-land ‘customer focus’ is too often merely rhetoric. Sometimes it’s not even known who the real customers are (!).’ If this is true, and we believe …

The importance of global

By Alistair Vince | December 3, 2010

We’ve heard that before. But it’s going to be even more important in the next decade, according to Niklas Zennstrom (co-founder Skype, recently sold for $3.1bn), in the most recent edition of Wired magazine. Zennstrom (who invests in almost 30 other start ups through his London based Atomico fund (which by the way recently raised …

Cultivate relationships, not transactions

By Alistair Vince | November 21, 2010

Over at the complete innovator, a fantastic site where they consistently come up with high quality editorial, they recently published a piece on secrets to corporate authenticity. It gives a real insight into how companies should operate. For a business in its infancy (as watchmethink is) this is a ‘must read’ piece. For us here …

Brand communities

By Alistair Vince | November 17, 2010

Over at we are social, Nathan McDonald has been allowed to reproduce a piece he wrote on Brand Communities for Contagious Magazine. He says that ideas from these brand communities ‘can contribute to the evolution and innovation of products or simply be a way to test new features, flavours or functionality’. It’s an interesting area …

Don’t assume the obvious

By Alistair Vince | November 15, 2010

Great post over at futurelab about what yogurt can teach marketers. In it they assess what part of the consumption of a yogurt is most engaging to the brain. Surprisingly (or not if you consider how enjoyable it is opening a present) it’s the opening of the lid that engages the most. They make an …

Crowdsourcing Brian

By Alistair Vince | November 9, 2010

Brian Blessed. Legend. Brian Blessed. Loud. Brian Blessed. Now a voice on TomTom thanks to the power of the crowd (or Facebook depending on how you look at it). 25,000 members was the target which was achieved (albeit after 3 years of effort) and then TomTom true to their word delivered on their promise. Now …

The web is dead, long live the web

By Alistair Vince | November 3, 2010

Reading what has to be one of the best sites ever,, we saw a great graphic pushing the point that the web is dead. Whilst that is probably a huge overstatement and not taking into account certain factors – like bandwidth – it’s important (or just good for us) to note the increase in …

One new actionable idea every day

By Alistair Vince | October 28, 2010

Seth talked recently about making sure that you find inspiration instead of it finding you. He proposes a simple idea ‘start a blog and post once a day on how your favorite company can improve its products or its service. Do it every day for a month, one new, actionable idea each and every day. …

OpenIDEO – problem solving tribes

By Alistair Vince | October 22, 2010

Under the headline ‘solving problems together for the collective good‘ the folks over at Contagious chat with Tom Hulme, Design Director at Ideo, about OpenIDEO (introduced via video by Jamie Oliver here), a platform harnessing the power of crowds, which they hope will provide solutions posed by brands, charities and individuals. Tom says some interesting …

Sausages Simon

By Alistair Vince | October 16, 2010

[youtube=] We saw this on Youtube. It’s something that we liked. Someone passing on their opinion on a product. It’s great. Interesting – portionable sausages. Like it. Wonder if any sausage manufacturers have seen this?