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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – How consumers are leading the way on waste

By Jenny Hearne | January 17, 2020

Whether you love Greta Thunberg or not, there is no denying that she is making people sit up and listen. And is empowering them to take action, no matter how small, to make a positive difference to the world. But she is not the only one. There are many others that are leading the way …

Best of The100: Strategy, storytelling and leftovers

By Alistair Vince | January 10, 2020

Back in the hot seat. And after a week of not eating leftover cheese and chocolate for breakfast, I’m feeling good. And lighter. For the first The100 of the year, I’ve herded the 10 most popular articles we featured during 2019. It seems readers of The100 are particularly interested in strategy, storytelling, effectiveness and why …

Pre and Post Launch Consumer Reviews

By Bo Beep | December 16, 2019

Qualitative pre and post launch consumer reviews deliver consumer-led innovation and sustainable commercial success with an ROI that large quantitative studies just can’t do.  If you keyword search worst product launches in any given year, you will find a plethora of highly entertaining examples of products from around the world that should never have seen …

The100:  Behavioural science, Haha, Aha & Cheetos

By Alistair Vince | December 13, 2019

Be a fool Justin Lines spoke recently about how comedians can help us reveal better insights. Because Haha is far closer to Aha than you think. Comedians have to warm up the audience. Not just with a warm-up act, but also with the crescendo of their set. Justin argues that we could do the same …

“Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws”

By Bo Beep | December 2, 2019

It’s been a fascinating few months watching the development of the White Claw phenomenon and its grip on the US. In case you hadn’t heard of it, here’s a quick summary of what you’ve missed: The Hard Seltzer brand, launched in 2016, has become such a cultural phenomenon that this summer has become known as …

These are the thoughts of WATCH ME THINK, a global consumer empathy agency. We help companies EMPATHISE with their customers; to Bring to Life; to Engage; to get Closer. To DISCOVER what does and doesn't work, through both Shopper & Consumer Lenses. And to DEVELOP and enhance products and services through Innovation & Renovation. Fancy a chat?

The100: Dehumanisation, Einstein and Sushi

By Alistair Vince | May 24, 2019

All of this …is 👌 Emmet O’Briain gives us a well-thought-out piece on the dehumanisation of research. It’s a must-read for anyone in research. Or in marketing. Or in a job, for that matter. My favourite quote came from Richard Huntington (of Saatchi and Saatchi stock): A lack of genuine connection with people’s lives. A …

Consumer centricity: Why are we still getting it wrong?

By Alistair Vince | May 15, 2019

It’s like trying to find hay in a haystack. To find a CEO or a Marketing Director enthusing about a consumer-centric strategy here, an empathy directive there, a desire to put the consumer at the heart of everything, everywhere. “A strategic priority for management is consumer-centric growth” Dirk Van de Put. CEO, Mondelez So common …

The100: Ogilvy, Empathy and Felony

By Alistair Vince | May 10, 2019

Game, set, match At first, I thought it sounded ridiculous, but I’ve become more and more convinced after reading Farnam Street’s explanation on how avoiding stupidity provides more of an advantage than seeking brilliance. In professional tennis about 80% of the points are won. However, in amateur tennis, about 80% of the points are lost. …

Seeking out consumer groans

By John Hoctor | May 2, 2019
(c) Giulio_Fornasar

Why seeking out your consumers’ groans rather than hiding from them, is a better recipe for success Almost 9 years ago Alistair Vince and I were sitting in a rather wonderful beer garden in a fine pub in Richmond overlooking the Thames, on one of those magnificent but slightly rare 🙂 sunny afternoons in London. …

The100: disruption, distraction and David Abbot

By Alistair Vince | April 26, 2019

Learning from the master I’m old enough to remember the great BT It’s good to talk ads. But regardless of age, watching David Abbott – an advertising legend if ever there was one – pitch the idea to BT is a timeless pleasure. We all have to sell or pitch things, but if you want …

The100: Deep work, storytelling and green eggs

By Alistair Vince | April 5, 2019

Storytelling: The bad How many strategies fail not because they’re bad, but because they’re expressed in a way that is thoroughly unpersuasive? Martin Weigel (yes, yes, we like him lots) shares 13 pieces of advice to help you craft better strategic narratives. This is particularly smart: Steven Spielberg had long wanted people to experience the …

The100: Flabby thinking, thinking on your feet and angry hipsters

By Alistair Vince | March 22, 2019

Flabby strategic thinking “Too many objectives fall into one of two camps. Either they are analytical and devoid of imagination, driven by metrics that are easy to measure rather than necessarily the right things to measure. Or, on the other hand, they are highly evocative but meaningless. You hear them and leave the meeting in …

Post Launch Consumer Appraisal: Pop Corners

By Jenny Hearne | March 22, 2019
Pop Corners

The new shape of snacking Is it popcorn?  Is it a crisp? Is it a tortilla chip? No – it’s a Pop Corner! These new triangular shaped popped-corn snacks claim to be ‘the new shape of snacking’.  They are never fried. Contain no gluten, dairy or nuts. Are suitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan …

Bringing back meaningfulness – the 2018 Golden Thumb Awards

By Alistair Vince | March 19, 2019

You know when someone says to you out-of-the-blue and in a truly meaningful way: “Thank you – that work you did was utterly superb.” That the delivery. The sincerity,. The unexpected and voluntary nature of the message means it is genuinely meant and sincerely appreciated on the giver’s part? That’s the feeling we want to …

Premium: How to elevate a product above the rest

By Ian Hare | March 16, 2019
Premium onion

Premium… a challenging concept to firmly get to grips with and it often feels a bit intangible. That’s why we turned it into an onion. Yes you read that correctly… an onion. Well we like to think of it as a fancy, premium, Michelin starred onion but an onion nevertheless. We’ve peeled back each of …