The Consumer Closeness Toolbox

All the tools you need to get closer to the consumer

Watch Me Think started as a business offering customized and ad hoc video immersion projects to clients.

(Just to clarify, a video immersion is where we get a consumer to video themselves with a smartphone in their own space in their own time recording real behaviour, no focus groups allowed.)

This is still the primary offering – and heart of the business – but as a result of the excitement and emotion that video offers, our clients started requesting more from us, namely:

  1. A filing system
    One which stores the clients projects and was easily searched when looking to re-cycle or share within the organisation
  2. An understanding of consumers as shoppers
    Given one of the most popular areas of our ad hoc offering is retailer engagement, it was no surprise that clients wanted to know about consumers and their shopping behaviour. Where do they shop? Why do they buy what they buy? What are their motivations? What is their routine?
  3. Trends brought to life by the consumer;
    Something which was different to the standard trend presentations which are typically data rich but lacking oomph when it comes to applying the information to new product ideas or product improvement

Given we knew video footage of consumers in real environments and real time worked  – otherwise we would have been out of business in the first year and our clients would have told us how crap we were – it seemed a natural progression to offer a syndicated type of offering.

One which wasn’t specific to a client’s project but instead had both global and regional reach across multiple categories and areas of innovation relevant to all of our clients.

It felt like a natural progression to be able

to provide a “this is what you get for your money” type of offering in the form of a subscription.

So from the feedback and requests we decided to launch a package of subscription offerings.

And when we were finished our concept development it was only apt to refer to it as a Toolbox given what we are offering is a set of tools to make our client’s job easier in the FMCG/CPG space.

What is in the Toolbox?

Well, it has a number of key components (tools!)

1. The Vault

To put it very simply the vault is a database of consumer video clips.

It is the glue that binds all of our content (in particular client content) and is the beating heart of the toolbox.

The clips are either the result of client projects or clips which relate to briefs we have set.

The exciting thing about the vault is that it is semantically searchable. You can even find videos by sentiment. If you find what you like you can there-and-then extract sound (video) bites and then share or download into presentations.

We make it simple for the user, but behind are a set of sophisticated applications combined in such a secret-sauce way which we are really quite proud of.

2. Shoppers Behind the Headlines (SBTH) series

This is a series of video presentations which helps our clients develop a greater understanding of the shopper.

Our SBTH series helps create connections by showcasing

  • shopper behaviour
  • shopping habits and
  • how they change
  • what’s working and what’s not working
  • the impact of promotions
  • what makes the perfect store.


The plan is to do 5 titles per year in each country and make the raw footage and highlight reels available in the Vault.

To date we have completed titles on

  • Online Shopping
  • Australian Made
  • Target
  • Aldi (you will be amazed at how much those Aldi shoppers love their shopping catalogue!!).

3. Consumer Connected Innovation Trend Series

This is a new way to look at trends told through the lens of the consumer. Their voice. Their language. Delivered in a video and not a long PPT full of stats with an analyst view.

We offer 4 key themes per year, conducting immersions with target consumers in each of our key markets US, UK, Australia.

The first topic completed was a great success: Clean Eating – Is it the New Natural? and, hot on its heels, Packaging – Winners & Losers. The original idea came from Hollis Ashman who is part of the Global Innovation Leadership team at Mondelez.

Hollis said that everyone has buckets of trend information but there was nothing that really helped show that trend through consumer’s eyes. Our consumer connected trends series does just that!

4. Open Briefs

As a young business it is important for us to constantly be experimenting and pushing boundaries.

As part of this ethos we experiment all the time with what we call open briefs and free thinks.

For example we have open briefs continually try to understand when and why consumers switch brands. We get some great observations and insights from this approach and therefore feel the value for clients is tremendous. So we upload our own projects (open briefs) into the vault for subscribing clients to access.

5. Service, Support & Delight

We wouldn’t be much of a business if we didn’t help our clients make the most of their toolbox investment, so servicing and support is the final component we offer.

What does this mean in practice?

We believe in helping our clients tackle their tasks and projects – helping them win and succeed.  So apart from being on hand to help at any point,  we will constantly try to go beyond expectations throughout the subscription period.

For example, we like to provide (what will seem like) “auto-magical” moments. You may arrive at work one morning to discover a series of short clips have been put into your WMT account that our experts have come across and feel may be helpful and relevant given your role and your focus.  Accidental insights, new ways we’ve seen customers using products or brands in  your category, or NPDs that seem to be displacing old favourites.

A suite of products & services specifically designed to help FMCG/CPG companies

The Toolbox is a suite of products and services designed to help FMCG/CPG companies observe, understand and get closer to their consumers through WMT’s digital services, global positioning and insights experience.

Given most research companies are still churning out the same-old, same-old; we feel the Consumer Closeness Toolbox offers you a cost effective yet holistic and constantly evolving way to walk in your consumers’ shoes over the next 12 months.


If you’d like an informal chat about the Toolbox contact us directly at any one of our locations in the US, UK or AU.