Velcro, Play-Doh, and The100


All are serendipitous discoveries that have respectively helped change humankind, childkind and marketing mind.

Velcro and Play-Doh you’ll know.


Well... A short story if we may...

At Watch Me Think we have an internal comms channel where we post “interesting stuff we’ve read”.

You know, to inculcate, cross-pollinate [insert other highfalutin pedagogical terms here] what we each read and can learn from.

Some of what was posted was pure genius.

Some of it whacky.

Some of it venting.

Some of it just very (very) funny.

We like it. A lot.

So back in early 2017 we decided to spread the love.

We began sending redacted highlights to around 100 people that we trusted and valued in the Market Research industry.

Just those 100 because we’d sometimes skate close to the edge, look over, holler and see if there was an echo.

But The100 got passed around.

More people than just those 100 wanted to be on that list. A lot more.

So it no longer goes to just 100 people.

But we still like what we called it originally.

And yes, we’re sentimental sods.

So if you'd like to make a mockery of its name as well, the sign-up form is to your right - or below, if you're reading this on your mobile, you never-switch-off person, you 🙂

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