Velcro, Play-Doh and The100

All are serendipitous discoveries that have helped change humankind, childkind and marketing mind.

Velcro and Play-Doh you’ll know.


It’s a market research-ish newsletter... of sorts.

A short story if we may...

At watch me Think we have an internal comms channel where we posted “interesting stuff we’ve read”.

You know, inculcate and cross pollinate what we learn.

Some of it was pure genius. Some of it whacky. Some of it venting. Some of it very funny.

We liked it. A lot. And decided to spread the love.

And thus we began sending redacted highlights to around 100 people that we liked, trusted and valued in the Market Research industry.

Just those 100 because we’d skate close to the edge at times.

Since then it’s been passed around. Shared. Grown. It no longer goes to just to 100 people, but we like the name - and yes, we’re sentimental sods.

The100. Our fortnightly twisted-lemon take on the things that have stopped and made us Think - or laugh - in the world of MRX mainly, but not exclusively.

Up for the odd pun, the odd dig, and the odd oddness?