Watch Me Think run a series of webinars showcasing some great insights our teams have extracted from the respondent videos. 

Some are open to everyone, some are exclusively for our Consumer Closeness Toolbox clients.

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The Rise of Online Shopping & Marketplace Implications

Oct 26th, 2017

The decline of the shopping mall, the rise of grocery delivery services such as InstaCart & Amazon Fresh, the Whole Foods Acquisition. All of these changes point to a shift in consumer shopping behavior. In this webinar, we explore consumer trends across categories for online shopping and consumer viewpoints on the shift to online vs. brick and mortar stores.


Food Intolerances & dietary choices

November 8, 2017

Having a free from diet is fairly common these days. Some have to avoid certain foods due to medical reasons, many actively choose to do so due to a self-diagnosed intolerance, whilst others make the choice because they believe it is a healthier way of living. In this webinar we’ll explore free from through the eye of Millennials and Gen Z’ers. We’ll discuss what their free from diets look like, the foods they’re eating, where they’re shopping, how they find inspiration, and whether they expect their diet to change in the future.



December 15, 2017

Toolbox Clients only

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