Webinars & Talks


Watch Me Think run a series of webinars showcasing some great insights our teams have extracted from the respondent videos. 

Some are open to everyone, some are exclusively for our Consumer Closeness Toolbox clients.

Here’s what we have lined up to date: 

Single-Person Households (Premium Subscribers)
We’ll delve into the 4 main criteria that guide consumers when defining their shopping and consumption habits and identify products that need improvement. You’ll walk away with key insights & opportunities – thinking differently about promotions, packaging and convenience when it comes to single-person households.

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Healthier Chocolate – too good to be true?
While dispelling a few ‘healthier’ chocolate myths, we delve into why newer ‘healthier’ chocolate may not be considered for the perfect chocolate moment or as a healthy snack. We observed typical chocolate moments to understand what ‘healthier’ chocolate really means from a consumers perspective and what that means when developing new products.

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Watch Me Think is also often asked to present at key industry events.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up to date:

IIeX Behavior – Video Made Easy: Tools to Identify Actual Behavior and Bring Consumers to Life

November 7th-8th, Chicago, USA
Amanda Pizarek will be demonstrating the power of qualitative video to capture actual consumer behavior at IIeX Behavior. The Search, Edit, Share platform demo will show how users can quickly identify actual behavior through search tools, collaborate with clipping tools, and create playlists that quickly turn into highlight reels to bring the consumer to life.