Fake views: moments of truth and how to find them (event) – Oct 2018

Fake views: moments of truth and how to find them will consist of a series of talks offering strategies, tactics and defences to fight against the white noise and fake views that increasingly hodes and drowns out what's real and what's important in our lives as marketers and for our consumers.

Data, research, marketing, media, technology, life... all areas filled with a lot of noise and a lot of nonsense. All of which goes towards making it harder and harder to realise what's real and what isn't; what should be given attention and what should be ignored. If it's difficult for you, imagine how difficult it is for consumers.

We will arm your gut instincts in:

  • Spotting the crap
  • Ridding yourself of unnecessary To-Dos
  • Banishing unnecessary worries
  • Gaining salient perspective across the ocean of information you face everyday
  • Understanding how this all impacts the consumers you're trying to reach

This isn't self-help. This is survival. Not of the fittest, but of the smartest.

It is a day completely geared towards being USEFUL.

To giving you practical advice and usable methods on deleting the irrelevant and ignoring the unnecessary.

This is a client-side, brand only event, however we have a few tickets available for agencies. Please email erin@watchmethink.com directly.

Fake views: moments of truth and how to find them

A 1 day event to help you filter out the crap for yourself and your consumers.

October 11, 2018
Cecil Sharp House
London NW1 7AY


Emma Kirk
Development Director, Join the Dots
How decisions are made and how people find and use information

John Humphrey
Group Head of Insight, Nestlé
Stop the noise: Filtering the inbound noise to help deliver the outbound message

Daisy Bard & Orla O’Connor
Creative Team, BBH
‘Being creative is easy’ and other lies

Anthony "Tas" Tasgal
Tas’s Ten Top Tips for Transfixing and Transporting

Tom Chatfield
Tech Philosopher
Becoming A Digital Gourmet

Martin Weigel
Head of Planning, Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam
Escape from fantasy

Richard Shotton
Deputy Head of Evidence, MG OMD
Marketers should stop following fads and start focussing on eternal truths

Anna Bassi
Editor, The Week Junior
Making sense of the world

Will Moy
Director, Full Fact
How to see through bullshit and why it matters