Speakers of Truths

How decisions are made and how people find and use information

Emma Kirk, Business Development Director, Join the Dots

With phenomena like fake news, information bubbles and choice overload and the EU referendum and US election results hotly debated, learn how Join the Dots and the BBC explored how people make decisions and how cognitive biases, social pressures and digital technology influence how people find and use information.

“With a background in psychology and a passion for understanding people Emma has worked in the marketing and insight industry for over 8 years. In her current role she works closely with clients to better understand their needs when it comes to getting under the skin of people and working to design approaches to meet their business challenges. She is also passionate about new innovations in research practice and has most recently presented at ESOMAR Global Congress on ‘Emoji’ as the fastest growing language”

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Stop the noise: Filtering the inbound noise to help deliver the outbound message

John Humphrey, Group Head of Insight, Nestlé

There is so much noise to deal with on a day to day basis, everything from new methods, to must read topics, to timely trends - how do you determine what’s important and what isn’t. When pushing that information back out to the company, how do you make sure your message isn’t treated the same.

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‘Being creative is easy’ and other lies

Daisy Bard & Orla O’Connor, Creative team, BBH

We're going to cover some myths you tend to hear about creativity that you can go ahead and fully ignore. Stuff like 'it's great exposure' and 'say yes to everything'. We want people to go away more informed about the challenges that people unintentionally put in your path, and how to ram your way through them.

"A creative team at BBH, these two were once told ‘maybe two wrong’uns do make a right’. They're living the creative placement hustle and are here to share the insights they’ve found along the way."

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Tas’s Ten Top Tips for Transfixing and Transporting

Anthony "Tas" Tasgal, Author

How to find your golden thread

The problem: “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” (Herbert Simon). How to avoid TBU, what’s wrong with the “folk psychology models” that are AIDA and SLAB, why we need new “Transportation models” that transform, transfix and transport us, additive Comprehension (“If you give people enough to explore, they will explore” (Henry Jenkins)) and more.

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Becoming A Digital Gourmet

Tom Chatfield, Tech Philosopher

What does it mean to use technology well? To love something is to choose: to say 'no' as well as 'yes', and to have good reasons for doing so. I'll be exploring what it means to push back against the biases built embedded into many of our attention-hungry tools - and to assert control by engaging critically with our own habits, heuristics and assumptions.

"Dr Tom Chatfield (@TomChatfield) is a British writer, broadcaster and tech philosopher. His books exploring digital culture—most recently Critical Thinking (SAGE Publishing) and Live This Book! (Penguin)—have appeared in over two dozen countries and languages. He is currently writing a series of thrillers for Hodder set in the world of the dark net."

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Escape from fantasy

Martin Weigel, Head of Planning, Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam

Why marketing and advertising are lost in a parallel universe of their own making creating for audiences that do not exist… and how only the truth can set us free.


"Once described by a client as 'the unruly offspring of Karl Marx, Martin Luther, and Morrissey' Martin is a postgraduate of the London School of Economics, has twenty-seven years’ planning experience, lived and worked in London, New York, and São Paulo, has led strategy on everything from toilet paper to diamonds, and been Head of Strategy for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam since 2009."

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Marketers should stop following fads and start focussing on eternal truths

Richard Shotton, Deputy Head of Evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD

Marketers are obsessed by fashions and fads, so Richard will argue that they should focus on the fundamentals of human nature which are remarkably static. How do we persuade people who don't want to listen? Are marketers biased? Brand purpose: why is such a fundamentally flawed idea so popular? Richard will show how Jim Stengel's brand purpose research is fundamentally flawed. How can such a flawed piece of research got such traction - in an era of information overload are we analysing our data sources too little?

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How to see through bullshit and why it matters

Will Moy, Director Full Fact

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Making sense of the world

Anna Bassi, Editor, The Week Junior

Anna Bassi has been creating magazines for young people for more than 20 years. From TV tie-ins to educational titles on subjects ranging from Roald Dahl to the Royal Ballet, she’s now added the multi-award winning The Week Junior to the list. As its launch editor, Anna is at the helm of a superbly innovative title, which has proved not only that children are interested in current affairs but that they want to read, write, think and talk about what’s going on in the world.

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